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Jos Collignon –  zaterdag, 23 sept. 2017,  Volkskrant


‘Germany’s surging far-right promises to disrupt cozy parliament’

Joern Poltz, Michelle Martin  /  Reuters,  22 september 2017

‘MUNICH/POTSDAM, Germany (Reuters) – More than 8,000 people — including hecklers blowing whistles — showed up in Munich for one of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s final speeches before Sunday’s national election that is expected to sweep her into a fourth term.

Merkel, whose conservatives have a solid double-digit lead over the Social Democrats, largely ignored jeers from hundreds of left- and right-wing demonstrators to deliver a stump speech focused on stability, security and a promise to avoid tax increases.

“Get lost,” “Merkel must go,” shouted some demonstrators as curious foreign tourists, in Munich for its famous Oktoberfest, snapped photographs of the German leader first elected in 2005. ‘



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