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Bankleer - hoofden van politici_Sputnik

Zie de Russische site Sputnik International

‘Set in Munich’s central Max-Joseph-Platz, “The Errants. European Disfigurations” by artist duo Bankleer, is a sculptural performance that “transforms the public space into a stage for questions to be asked about urgent current issues.”

“The Errants are EU politicians,” explains Karin Kasböck, one of the artists, “but also each of us, you, me, them,” — powerless citizens lead by unaccountable bodies.

A leaflet with details about the performance, explains that the show consists of “monument-like heads of leading actors in politics and economy, of historical resistance fighters, and of psychological archetypes, moving excessively in the public space.”

Amused and puzzled, passers-by stumble into frantically moving heads, uttering fragments of slogans familiar to anyone living in the EU: “structural reforms”, “market liberalization”, “saving measures” and so on. ‘




het duo bankleer _ Karin Kasböck en Christoph Leitner_klein















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