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Reuters (03.01.2017): “The new edition is the first reprint since World War Two, released last January after a 70-year copyright on the text expired at the end of 2015. It includes explanatory sections and some 3,500 annotations, and has sold 85,000 copies to the surprise of its publishers.”


Op sommige Italiaanse scholen zou Mein Kampf door leerlingen worden “gelezen” als een gebaar van rebellie tegen het gezag, meldt Sputnik.

Sputnik (14 12 2016): “An Italian government survey has found that in several schools across the country, Hitler’s Mein Kampf made it into the children’s top ten list of favorite books to read. A leading Italian journalist has told Sputnik that the result is the latest sign of the anti-establishment resentment, which has resonated across the world in 2016.”





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