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Nikolay Pakhomov: The massive European project has no clear goals. April 18, 2016

“The European Union is a project in the making—one that has been very ambitious and, for several decades, quite successful. As any other project, it is supposed to have goals that answer the question of why it is being implemented. Currently, all the problems the EU is facing obstruct progress toward these goals. One can ask: what are these goals? And is there a better way to achieve them without encountering all these difficulties?

Surprisingly, today’s EU does not state its goals and mission clearly.”




Dazed and Confused: EU Lacks ‘Goals,’ Has No ‘Clear Mission’ / Sputnik International 18.04.2016

“The European Union is not only facing a series of difficult problems that needs to be solved in a quick and effective manner, but a more important existential question – what’s the whole point of the union?

As a very important referendum in Britain, which will decide whether the country will remain in the EU, is fast approaching in June, there is a need for EU leaders to explain the purpose and values of the EU to European citizens, political analyst Nikolay Pakhomov wrote for the National Interest.”



















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