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 De Drees-lezing van VVD-premier Mark Rutte (14/10/2013) in beeld,
gepost op Nelpuntnl.nl door Jerry Mager (2013 okt. 15)



Rutte tijdens Willem Dreeslezing - speigelbeeld - 80 procent

old-lady met looprek - n. rechts + tekst neuzelgup










-cartoon-of-an-old-lady-with-glasses- met tekst en verkleind 2

VVD blond in blazer




















geld komt vanzelf deze kant op  versie 2 - 80 procent



sug_are_stupid_iq_liberals_ kopie 2 met tekst - verkleind

Balkenende lachend + tekst over Kok












pink_elephant_cartoon - 80 proc verkleind

rondb. blondine + tepeltekst  -80 proc - 22FIG1A












“The difficulty with the libertarian vision is that it has blinders on. Utterly transfixed by the virtues of the marketplace, it neglects other social orders. Rarely mentioned are the moral imperatives required by commercial societies. Also left out is the impact of social roles. As to the realities of family and hierarchy, they are almost silent. The family is not their concern, except to indicate that it too should be free, while hierarchy is apt to be treated superficially.”
Melvyn L. Fein (2012:219-20): Post-Liberalism. The Death of a Dream





Karl Popper cartoon + tekst















Verantwoording bij Popper:

“I am inclined to think that rulers have rarely been above the average, either morally or intellectually, and often below it. It appears to me madness to base all our political efforts upon the faint hope that we shall be successful in obtaining excellent, or even competent, rulers. If that is granted, then we must ask whether political thought should not face from the beginning the possibility of bad government; whether we should not prepare for the worst leaders and hope for the best. [I]t forces us to replace the question: Who should rule? by the new question: How can we so organize political institutions that bad or incompetent rulers can be prevented from doing too much damage? ” Karl Popper (1974:121,122): The Open Society and Its Enemies (vol.I)

“In the long march from socialism to neo-liberalism, it is hardly a surpise to find that Popper was at his most interesting when he tried to combine the two.” Katrina Forrester (2012:42): Toqueville anticipated me


Karl Popper (1974/1945): The Open Society and Its Enemies (vol.I): The Spell of Plato  / London: Routledge & Kegan Paul  /  0 7100 1967 X (hbk)  / Chapter 7. The Principle of Leadership (pp.120-137)

Katrina Forrester (2012): Toqueville anticipated me is een bespreking/review van Jeremy Shearmur and Piers Norris Turner (2011): After ‘The Open Society’: Selected Social and Political Writings by Karl Popper / London, etc: Routlegde / ISBN 978 0 415 61023 0   / het review-artikel staat in de London Review of Books, vol. 34, nr. 2, april 2012: 42-43

Melvyn L. Fein (2012): Post-Liberalism. The Death of a Dream / New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers  / ISBN 978-1-4128-4608-0 (hbk)

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Dreeslezing van minister-president Mark Rutte, Den Haag, 14 oktober 2013

“Sterke mensen, sterk land. Over het bezielend verband in de samenleving”


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