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Wordt de wereld-goudvoorraad gemanipuleerd door een goud-kartel?
De Duitse Goudmarkt-expert Dimitri Speck denkt van wel.


‘Secret Monetary Policy’: Who Manipulates Gold Prices and Why / Sputnik,  20.09.2017

‘Explaining how the manipulation process actually takes place, Speck noted that this happens “very simply,” namely by “damaging other competitors.”
In this case, gold is the main rival to currencies based on loans, such as the US dollar and the euro.

“The positive development of the price of gold as such exacerbates the debt and other economic deficits of the United States,” he stated.

Benefits for Banking System

In his book “Secret Monetary Policy: Why Central Banks Manipulate Gold Prices,” Speck also analyzes the benefits that the banking systems themselves get as a result of financial manipulations.’

Simona Gambarini:
‘Mr Speck suggests proof of gold interventions and underlying motivations by “reading between the lines” of archived speeches of central bank and government officials. The US Federal Reserve, in Mr Speck’s view, may have played a central role in alleged gold interventions as he claims the US would be the country to benefit most from a weak gold price. But how were those interventions pursued in practice? Gold sales and lending are claimed to be the preferred methods central banks have used to suppress the gold price. But, does a gold cartel really exist?

The jury remains out, as Mr Speck does not provide sufficient evidence to prove that gold price movements have been driven by “secret” gold market interventions by central banks. While his book certainly offers food for thought, further evidence is necessary to convincingly prove the existence of a gold cartel. However, while awaiting official confirmation of such interventions, Mr Speck’s book does offer a good read for gold fans.’

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