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Lyuba Lulko –  Pravda 03.11.2001

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Vladimir Putin voiced the national idea — strong family with children. Yet, this is not an idea, but a goal. One has to coin the idea, or Putin’s Russia will collapse under the pressure of ideological forces otherwise

The national idea of ​​the United States lies in its exclusiveness. The Americans believe that they deliver exemplary democracy to the world, and those who do not want their “delivery” will have to move over for their own benefit: “We will push, and you will build the dream state yourself, just like ours.”

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Even the Taliban* movement, which is recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia, has its own idea. The Talibs want to live the way as the Sharia tells them — the fair code of laws that ensures equality (albeit not wealthy equality) for everyone.

Russia does not have such a national idea. The communist idea is now history — it failed to justify itself. The European national idea did not take root in Russia as this is a completely different root indeed: Orthodoxy differs greatly from Catholicism and Protestantism, because Orthodoxy puts the soul, not the body, at the forefront.

The idea of ​​the Russian Empire was: “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland.” It had worked, because there was the correct order of priorities. Putin could rephrase it to, for example, “For Faith, People and Fatherland.” To bring this idea to life, one should start working with educational process at schools and then proceed to the real unification of post-Soviet countries. This is a job for historians and scientists — to substantiate the idea.

Russia should voice its national idea that people could always follow no matter what. People will not be inspired with an abstract formulation of a general goal, which most Russians are not so willing to implement: three or four children in a family is a rarity for the urbanized society in any country of the world.









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