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Who Rules America: The Rise of The Military-Industrial Complex | Corporations | ENDEVR Documentary       Dec 27, 2020   –    www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nTx_Pi1x9Q


Who Rules America: The Rise of the Military-Industrial Complex | Big Corporations | ENDEVR Documentary from 2012 Episode 3 –

The corporate takeover and the rise of the military-industrial complex. Who Rules America? takes a comprehensive look into the governing system of the United States of America and reveals the behind-the-scene powers that rule the nation. There are two Americas; one in which people have freedom in choosing their leaders within the framework of the constitution living in the land of the free, and another, wherein all is dedicated to the ruling 1% and within which a hidden network of power governs including the media, Wall Street , the Military and Corporations. This expose from Danny Schechter (In Debt We Trust, WMD: Weapons on Mass Deception) lifts the lid on the true decision-makers behind the world’s self-proclaimed democratic role model.


Russia Today (door Rusland gefinancierde zender)    –    Oliver Stone: It Doesn’t Matter Who’s US President, The Military-Industrial Complex Must be Funded!

Aug 5, 2020
Going Underground on RT

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to one of the greatest film directors in the world Oliver Stone. He discusses his new book ‘Chasing the Light’ which details his life directing and involvement in iconic films such as Salvador, Scarface and Midnight Express, the alleged interference of the military-industrial complex and Henry Kissinger with his film ‘Salvador’ which covers the civil war in El Salvador between the FMLN and the US-backed right wing military, the impact of going to fight in the Vietnam war on his life, continuing US imperialism in Latin America in places such as Honduras, his personal struggles with his parents’ divorce and drug use, how Hollywood’s obsession with cop shows ultimately led to the Crime Bill, the War on Drugs and the Clinton White House, the revival of the Cold War in the 1980s against the Soviet Union and the birth of Ronald Reagan’s neoliberalism, the intelligence agencies’ grip on the US government, his opinions on Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and why it was hopeless for Donald Trump to change a system ran by the military-industrial complex and much more!



Oliver Stone on how the US misunderstands Putin      Jun 16, 2017


Danny Sjursen & Oliver Stone Discuss Patriotic Dissent | Heyday Harvest 2020    Nov 10, 2020









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