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Haaretz 2022.03.20 | Analysis | The Ukraine War’s Ultimate Clichés, and What They Really Mean

>  >  Israel, as in ‘Israel is mediating’

A self-aggrandizing, lame excuse used by Israel to justify not supporting the United States and being scared of Putin. Since 70 C.E., with the exception of the American Civil War, Israel successfully intermediated and built a reputation as a savvy mediator and negotiator in times of crises and wars. Except that Putin wants to negotiate with the U.S./NATO, not with Ukraine, which he doesn’t regard as a sovereign country, or with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whom he does not regard as an equal interlocutor. So Israel, which conspicuously refrained from condemning Russia and supporting the U.S. and the West, actually believes it is uniquely positioned to mediate between Russia and Ukraine. It has deluded itself into thinking that whatever limited operational interests it has with Russia concerning the coordination of fly zones over Syria, they are somehow equivalent to its strategic alliance with the Americans.

NATO expansion

The geopolitical enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization from 16 to 30 member countries since the dissolution of the USSR. A flimsy excuse used by Putin as a pretext to invade Ukraine, and by his apologists in the West as a sanctimonious “we told you so” explanation as to why his actions and the Ukraine war are actually America’s fault because it recklessly pushed to expand NATO. It is true that nine former Warsaw Pact countries joined NATO between 1997 and 2004, and it is also true that in 2008 Ukraine received an invitation to join at a future date. It is also possibly true that had Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania not joined NATO, they would have suffered yesterday the same fate Ukraine is enduring today. < <



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