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Wat de Oekraïne betreft, luidt het motto: The war must go on!



Geredigeerd citaat uit: Amitai Etzioni (2019) Reclaiming patriotism | 10. The Rising (More) Nation-Centered World Order.

> > > >  That the nation remains the principal political community in democracies has two basic implications. Domestically, national commitments help stem globalist encroachments on essential attachments. Many lament this and yearn for a world without borders, some fearing that nationalism spawns xenophobia and jingoism, and others envisioning universal fellowship as a high human good. Whatever concerns and aspirations critics of nationalism may have, the response in the near term should not be to reject nationalism but instead to embrace “good” nationalism, as Canadians, Norwegians, Swiss, and Costa Ricans do, among others. Attempts to override nationalism will continue breeding alienation and populism in the foreseeable future.

The same is true of international relations. Attempts to shape global security and development without respecting national sovereignty and national core values are bound to fail. Patriotic foreign policy needs to accept that for now international institutions and collaborations can be stable and effective only if they accommodate national loyalties.

[O]n the international level power has been transferred, especially in the EU, to supranational governing bodies without significant supranational community building. Theoretically, this communitarian gap could be closed by rushing to build the supranational community. Such social construction, however, is unrealistic in the foreseeable future given the fierce commitments to national communities that are being expressed in many countries. Consequently, the supranational powers for a transitional period must be scaled back. Like it or not, many nations must face the fact that their foreign policy will be driven more by national values and interests and less by multilateral commitments and especially not by supranational ones.  < < < < <  ISBN 9780813943251 (ebook)| ISBN 978 0813943244)





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