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‘ Nooit van deze site gehoord. Maar tja er zijn er zo veel. Ik kreeg ‘m van Claire gemaild.’

–        ‘ Zet maar op de site, dan kunnen de jongelui het bekijken en horen we wel wat ze ervan vinden.’


The Real Story about Afghanistan – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Marine Veteran, Ryan.

Premiered Sep 1, 2021

The Rich Dad Channel

War and business are very similar. They are both tough, often dangerous, environments. Today’s guest explains the recent events that have unfolded in Afghanistan and how, like in business, failed leadership, is the real story in Afghanistan.

Marine Veteran, Ryan, who completed 11 combat deployments, two as an infantry Marine, explains the history of the United State’s role in Afghanistan and ultimately what led to where we are today.

Ryan quotes General Patton who said, “No good decision was made in a swivel chair,” to describe the disconnect between what is happening on the grand and those in Washington D.C. Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and Marine Veteran, Ryan, discuss the current events in Afghanistan and how failed leadership and no mission have ultimately led to the chaos we are seeing today.




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